The Ontario Government announced today that it is going get back to the legislature because there is some urgent business to take care of. According to the party, there are three main priorities that they need to deal with immediately. 

Among those priorities are two big topics that came up in the election, the York University strike and the Carbon Tax, but also another interesting priority that a lot of Ontarians may not even be aware of, the White Pines Wind Project. 

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In a press release, Todd Smith, who is the new House Leader, said the government doesn't want to keep Ontarians waiting. He said, "We have decided to recall the house because it is clear there are areas of public interest that require urgent attention," said Smith. "The people of Ontario cannot afford to wait, and they won't have to." 

Smith also named the top priorities of the new government and the ongoing strike at York University was the biggest one. 

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According to Smith, the government will introduce legislation to ensure the strike, which has been going on since March 5th, is resolved quickly and fairly, but he does not specify whether or not that means putting in back to work legislation to force the strike to end. 

Another priority mentioned that isn't surprising is the Carbon Tax. Doug Ford has already cut the cap and trade program but now the Conservatives are taking it one step further in saying they want to introduce legislation so that any future governments also won't be able to impose a carbon tax under the law. 

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Their final priority has gotten less attention than the previous two, but they have announced that effective immediately they will be canceling the White Pines Wind Project. 

The project is to build a wind farm in Prince Edward County consisting of nine turbines. However, the government has announced that they would be canceling the project effective immediately despite the fact that this has been in the works since 2010 and is currently in the construction stage. 

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Todd Smith is keeping up with the Party's for the people mentality saying, "These three priorities send a clear and serious message about what you can expect from our government, we are prepared to act. And we will always put the best interests of the people first."

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