Following the announcement that the Ontario Liberal government is going to distribute and sell recreational marijuana in as many as 150 dedicated stores run by the LCBO, the government has come forward with plans to introduce tougher penalties for those caught driving under the influence of drugs. 

Premier Kathleen Wynne said, "Commercial truckers, drivers 21 and under, and novice motorists will face stiff penalties if caught behind the wheel after using cannabis," in a statement Monday morning. 

“There is no excuse for impaired driving — whether it is due to drugs or alcohol,” said Wynne.

The province will have a zero-tolerance policy for drivers caught under the influence of marijuana and will be taking the necessary actions to ensure those who partake in the new marijuana laws will think twice about getting behind the wheel.

The new penalties for first occurrence young drivers and G1, G2, M1, and M2 license holders will include a three-day suspension and a $250 fine.

If caught a second time, the driver will receive a week-long suspension and a $350 fine with all subsequent offences penalized with a 30-day suspension and a $450 fine.

According to Metro News, commercial drivers will face three-day suspensions any time they are caught and fined up to $450. And, all other drivers found to be within the blood-alcohol concentrate range of up to .08 will face suspensions of between three and 30 days and fines of up to $450. Finally, those with blood-alcohol concentrate levels above .08 face 90-day suspension and $550 fines.

Moral of the story, DON'T smoke and drive. Seriously, it's just not worth it. 

Source: Global News & Metro News

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