Yesterday, it was announced that Ontario will only be selling legal weed through an online site run by the province this year.

There will be no physical stores anywhere in Ontario for people to purchase legal weed until at least 2019.

The province will be limiting your options for buying weed even further, by setting a limit on how much you can purchase. 

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Unlike the LCBO, the Beer Store and grocery stores that sell alcohol with no limit on the amount you can buy, the government will be restricting cannabis users from buying as much as they'd like.

The government says it will be setting a limit of 30 grams at a time for all purchases, in order to comply with the federal governments possession limits.

Allowing people to only purchase 30 grams at a time will also be extended to brick and mortar stores when they open sometime next year.

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In Ontario, 30 grams is the absolute maximum amount you’ll be able to possess in public at any time, once recreational cannabis is legal.

Some people might point out that a possible workaround this for people may be to grow their own marijuana at home, since the government will be allowing people to own up to 4 plants at a time. 

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Online marijuana sales are set to start on October 19th of this year and will be run by the government through the Ontario Cannabis Store. 

The store will have a way of verifying that people purchasing cannabis off the site are of age to purchase marijuana. 


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