The Labor Day long weekend is the unofficial end of summer. The calendar may say that the summer season lasts until September 22nd this year, but we all know that once school starts again, the fun is over.

Labour Day Weekend is also your very last chance to get out and really enjoy the final days of summer.

For many of us, that may mean a final road or day trip for the season. But, be warned that the OPP will be out in full force, cracking down on distracted drivers all weekend long. The OPP has released an official warning statement, outlining their "zero tolerance" penalties.

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Police across the province usually step up their presence on roads during long weekends and this coming one will be no exception.

Police will be out in force looking for a variety of infractions, such as speeding or impaired driving.  But, distracted driving is their primary focus this weekend. 

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“There will be zero tolerance for drivers who direct anything less than 100 per cent of their attention to driving,” the OPP says in a statement. 

Right now in the province you will receive a $490 fine and have three demerit points added to your record if you’re caught using your phone behind the wheel. 

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Starting in January 2019, that fine will increase to $1,000. Right now, you can only be fined that amount if you receive a summons or fight the fine in court and lose. 

So, if you're heading out on the road, do yourself and every other driver a favour and turn off your phone.

Source: Newswire

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