Photo cred - The Globe and Mail

If you've been looking for something fun and new to add to your lunch rotation, look no further. The Globe and Mail has released a recipe for the "Elvis Sandwich." So named for being one of the Mr. Presely's favourite meals. It couldn't be easier to put together.

All you need:

White bread, sliced

Peanut butter

Banana, cut into slices

Bacon, cooked and crumbled

Red currant jelly

Yep, that's right, bacon crumbs. Given that bacon is the ultimate food, it does nothing to this sandwich except make it better. The Globe and Mail explains the procedure for making this delicate, beautiful thing:

"This sandwich is all about texture: Spread soft white bread with a satisfyingly crisp crust, creamy peanut butter. Add slices of yielding banana and enliven with the crunch of salty, crumbled bacon. Add red currant jelly for some swagger in his honour."

Now go forth, and make this happen to your life.


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