A shipwreck was recently discovered in the Great Lakes by a group of explorers from New York, and it has been confirmed to be the second oldest one in the area.

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The Washington was a 53-foot-long passenger and cargo ship that sank in Lake Ontario in 1803 during a voyage from Kingston to Niagara in Ontario. The three-member discovery team was able to capture rare images of the shipwreck using a remote-controlled, deep-dive vehicle.

The ship is the oldest vessel to be found in the Great Lakes, and it's particularly interesting because it's the only single-masted sloop to have sailed the Lakes (such ships were replaced with multiple-masted schooners in the early 1800s).

Historians are looking to study the shipwreck in order to learn more about the sailing culture during the periods of the War of 1812 and the American Revolution.

Source: CBC

Cover photo demonstrates shipwreck exploration via scuba diving and the continued prominence of shipwreck research today.

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