Photo cred - The Betrayer's Banquet

A candle-lit dinner never looked so horrifying: faceless servers, "emotionally challenging" food and betrayal -- this dinner might tear your strongest friendships apart. April 17th and 18th , held at a secret location, “The Betrayer’s Banquet” will have guests betraying their best friends for steak.

The dinner game will be emotionally challenging as cooperation and betrayal determine your stomach's fate. There is amazing food and questionable food, but a coin will decide if you eat like a King or a bum. One review even says that: “It is, essentially, Satan’s dinner party.” –Shut Up And Sit Down

The game works like this:

A banquet table with 48 chairs will be set up and you will be seated at random. For two hours small portions of food will be served, but there is a catch! The delicious food will be placed at the top of the table, while food they describe as “emotionally challenging”(whatever that means) will be placed at the bottom.

To get to the good side of the table you have to play a game (this seriously sounds like a Saw remake or something). The game is called “prisoner’s dilemma” and it works like heads or tails (except you choose the side of the coin you want to reveal). You are handed a small wooden coin and there are symbols on the back and the front of the coin, either representing cooperation or betrayal.

*If dinner guests across from one another turn over the cooperation side of their coin then they move up five seats to the good food.

*If they both turn over betray symbols, then they are moved five seats down to the awful food.

*If one person reveals the betray symbol and one cooperates, the betrayer moves up ten seats, and the other down ten.

The servers are dressed in hooded robes and there is also a “master of ceremony,” who gives eerie speeches telling the history of the game. The game is coming from all the way from London and the dinner is being held in North America for the first time! I mean everyone needs to pop their cult cherry.

Did I mention there’s unlimited wine? Get your tickets and join Toronto’s first acceptable dinner cult for a exciting weekend experience.


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