On August 16th, a Toronto woman made headlines for scaling and damaging a construction crane - without a top on. Toronto Fire crews, paramedics and police authorities all got involved in her rescue, which took several hours.

The woman was escorted off of the crane in handcuffs and a safety harness. She will appear in Toronto court today and faces multiple mischief charges. The construction booth where she was found is severely damaged, reports claim.

According to reports, Toronto police have identified the woman as 34-year-old Lindsay Flockhart. She faces a total of three charges - damaging property over $5,000, obstructing property over $5,000, and failing to comply with probation orders.

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Toronto Fire arrived at the scene at 6:40 AM yesterday and spent over an hour making the 45-metre climb to the construction cab where Flockhart had set up camp. Witnesses report that a second individual was up there with her the previous evening, but was nowhere in sight when Toronto Fire showed up.

Global News reports that Flockhart managed to squeeze past security, hop over the fence and climb to the top of the crane overnight. Flockhart is the second woman to be rescued from a construction crane in Toronto in just over a year.

Source: Global



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