Tragedy has once again struck the 6ix. The Toronto Zoo reported on Friday that Ila, one of its red panda, had died this week after succumbing to an infection.

The wildlife health team believed the animal was suffering from a urinary tract infection, which they began treating on November 7, 2020.

The news sparked an outpour of condolences from Torontonians, who were devastated by the sudden loss.

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Unfortunately, her condition continued to worsen in the late afternoon, and whilst the Veterinary and Wildlife Care team were caring for her sadly she passed away.

The Toronto Zoo

"So sorry for the loss of sweet Ila. Red pandas are my absolute fave. Hope that papa Suva and baby Adira are doing well," wrote a fan.

Sadly, this isn't the first time the zoo has had to announce the passing of one of its rare red pandas.

One of Ila's cubs died a few days after being born back in July, leaving a sibling and its parents behind.

Only two red pandas remain in Toronto, Adira and her father Suva, who are both reportedly in good health.

The zoo is asking anyone who visited recently to share their memories of the beloved animal.

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