Queens Quay in downtown Toronto is now almost infamous for the fact that cars keep driving into the streetcar tunnel and getting stuck. How this keep happening is anyone's guess but while it is hilarious it's certainly an big annoyance for commuters.

Apparently this has happened 25 times so far, and two of them have been in this month alone.

It would seen as though these last two are the straw that has broken the camels back though.

The city is looking into ways to redesign the area to ensure that this doesn't happen with such regularity.

There are no specific proposals for what exactly to do right now but the TTC seems believes that the entire thing needs to be re-done.

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Alan Heisey is the vice-chair of the TTC and says that the entire thing right now is not "understandable."

In the mean time until a concrete plan for what to do is reached the TTC is installing a gate in the hopes that keeps drivers out of the tunnel.

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So we may all have to say goodbye to the hilarious photos on social media of a car that drove into the streetcar tunnel.

Let's face it though, everyone really wants to see if there's some complete daredevil who finds a way to somehow drive in despite the gate.

Source: CBC

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