Are you tired to having to try to remember exactly how much money is on your Presto card? 

Have you had the awkward experience of tapping it and having the machine make a hideous beep sound while the screen says declined? 

Well then the TTC’s latest pass may be for you because it lasts for AN ENTIRE YEAR.  

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Yes the TTC is now offering a full year transit pass through Presto that you won’t need to remember to reload every week or two. 

The new pass will allow UNLIMITED travel on the TTC for a full year. 

So if you need to run all over town one day, or take transit super often you won’t be spending more just to get around.  

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And it costs even less than a monthly metro pass does right now! 

The 12 month pass costs a grand total of $134 per month (or $1609 total), which is a savings of $12.25 a month when you compare it to the cost of buying a new adult metro pass each month. 

The transit agency says that it will also be releasing a version of this pass for both seniors and youth as well later in the summer. 

Of course you’ll need a Presto card and online account with the payment company in order to get the pass.  

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As long as you have those you can sign up through Presto’s website, all the instructions on how to get it can be found in the dropdown menus on the TTC’s website here

So if you’re tired of remembering to load your card often and use transit all the time this is probably something you’ll want. 

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