Based on their upcoming budget, the TTC plans to hike fares by 10 cents. According to reports, the 2019 budget, which will be announced today, will include a 3% increase in fare prices for tokens, Presto users, and those who buy a monthly pass. 

Currently, for adults, the cost of tokens is $3 each, which is the same fare to ride with Presto. With the expected hike both, these prices would go up to $3.10 per ride. Meanwhile, the cost of an adult monthly pass is currently $146.25. It's not clear how much exactly that would increase, but it would be equivalent. 

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If the cost of the monthly pass, which is loaded onto your Presto card, also rose by 3%, it would go up to $150.63 per month. It is also not clear yet if the proposed increases would affect student or senior fares, but as of right now they don't affect cash fares. 

The fare hike comes after the TTC completely removed their monthly metro pass, forcing customers to make the change over to Presto. The move already left many regular riders upset and now news of this proposed fare hike is making things even worse. 

Riders are angry that the TTC forced them to use Presto, especially given that the Presto system doesn't work a lot of time. On top of that, now this fare increase is targeted at Presto users. Torontonians have taken to Twitter to express how they feel. 

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Riders are also mad that the fares are going up when they will still be receiving the exact same service, which many have sad is super unreliable. 

The fare hikes were also hinted at yesterday by John Tory when he announced updates to construction on the relief line.

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The updates mean the TTC needs to find an extra $20 million this year. When asked about fare hikes, Tory said he would understand if the TTC did some based on their financial situation, and also that they would mostly increase with inflation. 

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