Brand new fare machines are starting to pop up on TTC streetcars, only these ones don't accept debit or credit. You'll only be able to pay with change, tokens or your PRESTO card.

In light of a very long and frustrating battle with the TTC's original touchscreen fare machines, which seemed to be perpetually malfunctioning, the new ones are said to be "quick, easy-to-use, and reliable."

The technology for the replacement machines is definitely not as ambitious as before. They look a lot more old school, and feature buttons instead of a touchscreen.  

According to a spokesperson for the TTC, the plan is to eventually roll out machines that come with a debit and credit payment feature, but they don't know when they'll be able to make that happen. As a temporary solution, streetcars will come with one version of each machine, to make sure that everybody can pay their fare.

Via Typhoonski

The TTC posted a notice on their website about the new machines. It reads, "passengers travelling by streetcar should carry a PRESTO card, a token, or exact change for fare payment in the event they board a streetcar with reduced payment functionality."

But, people aren't exactly thrilled about the new machines. Some users call it a "stupid decision" and feel inconvenienced by the limited payment options. 

Source: The Star

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