Late last May police say two people entered the Bombay Bhel restaurant in Mississauga and detonated an explosive device.

The blast injured a total of 15 people and the restaurant has not reopened since the incident.

Now, some of the victims are coming forward with a lawsuit with some very serious allegations for the owners of the restaurant. 

Via Peel Police Media

A lawsuit against the restaurant on behalf of six of the victims has been filed by their attorneys from Diamond and Diamond.

It is seeking a total of $1 million for each victim of the bombing.

The lawsuit alleges that the owners of the resultant did not provide enough security to ensure that diners were “reasonably safe.” 

At a press conference held today, Darryl Singer, Head of Commercial and Civil Litigation for Diamond and Diamond, seemed to imply that there were threats made against the restaurant in the past that were not adequately addressed with increased security.

“It’s our position that the owners knew, or ought to have known, that there was an issue with security and that they were targeted. The result of their inactions is the fact that our clients have been severely injured,” he said.

He stressed though that these were just, “rumors” that they are hoping to get to the bottom of with the lawsuit. 

None of the six people seeking money from the lawsuit have been able to return to work, according to Singer.

Police have yet to arrest anyone for the bombing yet and a motive remains unclear

One person of interest is described as five-foot-10 to six feet tall, in their mid-20s and having a stocky build. They were seen wearing dark blue jeans, a dark zip-up hoodie pulled over their head, a light grey baseball hat and black cloth covering their face.

The other is described as five-foot-nine and five-foot-10 and having a thin build. They seen wearing faded blue jeans, a dark zip-up hoodie pulled over their head, a grey t-shirt, dark-coloured skate shoes. Their face was also covered.

People with any information are asked to contact 12 Division Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-453-2121 ext. 1233. 

Source: City News 

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