Spring has officially started in Ontario, but, unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean that the province will get nice, spring-like weather. Although the weather has been much warmer than usual lately in several parts of the province, there is still snow in the forecast for cities including Toronto next week. The Weather Network has now revealed Ontario's spring weather 2019 forecast for April and May

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The Weather Network released its most updated spring 2019 forecast yesterday on March 20. They warn Canadians that colder, chilly weather will continue to make appearances during spring, even though the new season has already officially begun. 

Spring will also result in turbulent weather in Ontario as well as other parts of Canada since different kinds of temperatures and conditions will be experienced all within one season. For instance, snow is in the forecast next week for Toronto, but it's currently sunny and 10°C in the city today on Thursday, March 21. 

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Fortunately, overall, temperatures are expected to be close to seasonal. "Spring will struggle longer across eastern Canada, but the final numbers are expected to be near or just slightly colder than seasonal," read the report. 

So what can you expect for Ontario? "For most of Ontario and southern Quebec, we expect that the back and forth swings in temperature will come close to offsetting each other, meaning a typical spring for these regions," says The Weather Network.

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In other words, you can expect some wild and drastic weather changes to all take place within one season. The Weather Network also warns that more winter-like weather will return to Ontario as we reach the end of March. 

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"However, the road to consistent spring weather does contain more pot holes than initially expected as the rest of March will still bring a couple shots of colder weather," says the forecast. 

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As for April and May, wild temperature swings are expected. "April and May will bring back and forth swings in temperature that are typical of the season. That means that we will see a more typical spring this year, in contrast to the consistent cold pattern that we saw last year," The Weather Network reports.

Ontario is also at risk of spring flooding. "During the periods of warmer weather we will continue to have a heightened threat for spring flooding, especially across northern Ontario, cottage country and the Ottawa Valley where the snow depth is well above normal," says The Weather Network. 

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It looks like we'll be getting all types of temperatures this spring season as the days swing between cold and warm. On the bright side, this weekend is expected to be sunny and reach temperatures of 10°C in Toronto, before the snowfall forecasted for the city hits on Monday, reads the forecast from The Weather Network.

Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts! 

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