Over the New Year, we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather that we have been getting throughout Ontario. With above zero temperatures and sunshine, sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are facing those harsh winter months. Yet, the Weather Network is warning Ontarians that these harsh weather conditions will return this Monday. Parts of Ontario can expect snow, rain, freezing and ice pellets throughout Monday and Tuesday, just in time for those who are heading back to work or classes this year.

It’s time to pull out your scarves and boots this week, as the Weather Network is predicting for the first two days of this week to be extremely messy. For a majority of southwestern Ontario, this storm is expected to start with snow throughout Monday morning, before turning into freezing rain or rain Monday afternoon and into Tuesday, depending on the region.

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The Greater Toronto Area is expected to be hit with snow for the majority of Monday morning before changing into light rain for the evening. By Tuesday morning, areas along the shores of Lake Ontario can be expected to be hit with a rain-snow mixture for the day.

Toronto can be expected to see up to 5 cm of snow throughout Monday and Tuesday, as well as the rainfall the will accompany it.

Via The Weather Network

North of the GTA areas can be expected to be hit with freezing rain and ice pellets through Monday afternoon.

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Northern Ontario, such as Ottawa, Sudbury, and even Quebec can be hit with a heavier snowfall that can reach up to 10 cm during Monday and Tuesday.

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This messy storm is expected to seriously worsen road conditions throughout Ontario. A mixture of snow and rain throughout the two days can slick up roads just in time for those morning and evening commutes from work and school.

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So make sure to pack your hat, and give yourself some extra time for your early week commute.

Source: The Weather Network 

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