It's no secret that if there's anyone Ontarions dislike more than Kathleen Wynne, it's Doug Ford. The new leader of the PC party has had a less than stellar welcome from even supporters of his own party let alone Ontario as a whole. It's no secret as to why considering the Ford family has long been plagued by controversy. 

@fordnationdougfordembedded via  

Naturally, the resistance to the possible new premier of Ontario wasn't exclusive to Twitter and Facebook. Rather it looks like Torontonians are using signage to air out their frustration with the possible new leader of the province. The initial posters started popping up earlier this week: 

Now though it seems as if someone has taken it a step further with new signage. The posters are signed by "" and include some pretty savage slogans such as "If you hate transit, libraries, education and gay people, you'll probably like Doug Ford." 

If you search the URL online, you get a website that is basically a list dedicated to why Doug Ford shouldn't be premier. If anything you've got to give whoever made this credit, they definitely went all out! 

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