Makeup has become a massive thing in the past few years, from contouring to highlighting the industry has become all the rage for anyone and everyone interested in getting glammed up! Though it's no secret that makeup can get seriously pricey regardless of whether you are shopping at the drugstore or Sephora. Which makes this massive sale happening later this month all the more exciting for any makeup lover in the GTA! 

The makeup warehouse sale in question will be an "Estee Lauder Mac Warehouse Sale," with deals of up to 80% off! While you may think it would just be Estee Lauder and Mac products, they actually mean all of the other brands that Estee Lauder owns... and they own a lot of makeup brands you know and love. 

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Think Clinique, Bobbi Brown and if you are into skin care, Origins! Plus if you are in the market for a new bag this Spring season, there are going to be tons of styles from Michael Kors, Coach, and DKNY alongside the makeup items! The sale is set to be a huge success and follows a L'Oreal warehouse sale that starts today and runs until April 8th. 

There is a massive catch though, this event is not open to the public.  You must receive an invitation to attend this event. But the organizers do give a contact number for the show's organizer, Eric who can maybe help you get some more information. Or you can *cough, cough, check kijiji*.

So if you are ready to grab great deals both makeup and bag wise, get ready to shop till' you drop from March 23rd to the 25th when the event happens! It'll be taking place just outside of the city at Markham Fairgrounds on 10801 McCowan Rd- just make sure to arrive early (and with a pass)  if you want to snag the best products and deals! 

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