No one likes paying for public transit. It feel like you're taking part of your hard earned paycheque and just throwing it away the second you get out the door. 

Of course that doesn't mean you should stop paying. That's illegal of course and as much as paying for the TTC isn't fun getting hit with a massive fine for being caught is even worse. 

That doesn't stop some people from trying to skirt the law though.     

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There are reportedly a group of people in a closed Facebook group called "TTC Fare Inspector lookout" whose members posts sightings of TTC fare inspectors almost as a warning to other people in the group. 

The TTC is apparently aware of the group but there is little it can do to stop it.  

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In case you're thinking of joining the group keep in mind that you can be fined $235 if you're found not to have paid for a ride on the TTC.   

Fare evasion apparently costs the TTC about $20 million a year, which is money that could be used for upgrading things like tracks and signals lights so by not paying you're really just going to ensure that service never improves. 

 Source: Citynews Toronto 

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