When you hear about a secret restaurant in Little Italy you may be thinking of some back ally pizza joint or speakeasy-style lounge. La Limonada is neither. 

In fact, the tiny restaurant on College St is completely unexpected in every way. From the location, the menu, and the person running the place, each is a pleasant surprise. 

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La Limonada doesn't have your typical restaurant front, in fact, it might be kind of hard to find because it's in the basement of a church. The Toronto Spiritualist Temple owns the property but rents out their basement as a means for extra income. 

In order to get to the restaurant, customers have to go around to a side door and follow the signs down the stairs where they will be greeted with a simply decorated but comfortable and bright dining room. 

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If the location isn't rare enough for you, the fact that the restaurant isone-woman operation adds to the surprise. In Toronto's competitive restaurant scene, a restaurant run by just one person is hard to find but La Limonada is just that. 

Jane Frank is the owner of La Limonada. While she gets an occasional hand from her husband, former NFL and CFL player Richard Lewis (this story keeps getting more wild), she does all the cooking herself and even came up with her own recipes. 

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Which brings us to the food. In Little Italy, you may be expecting pastas, pizzas, or other traditional Italian fares, but La Limonada switches it up by offering Caribbean eats. Not only that, but they're vegan. 

Her signature item, aside from the lemonade, is vegan doubles, a traditional street food from Trinidad. 

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Via Chloe D.

The restaurant is a bit of secret, since it's not well seen from the street, and most customers only hear about it through word of mouth. However, with the great food and the cheap AF price point (items are advertised as being under $9), you definitely need to uncover this little hidden gem. 

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