Most people know that fireworks are fun, but also super dangerous if handled improperly. It says right on them that you should not set them off while you hold them and to NEVER point them at someone else. 

But there’s a video of teenagers in Toronto’s Christie Pitts park doing both of those things in something that looks like it’s out of a war movie. 

Seriously, the whole thing looks deadly AF.  

Via jaber_nadia

In the video posted on Twitter teenagers can be seen holding the fireworks and aiming them at each other in some sort of firework war. 

You can see at least one of the people involved actually get hit with a firework in the back while someone else chases them.  

A 14-year-old boy was taken to the hospital due to minor injuries he received from the fighting.  

Via jaber_nadia

It seems almost lucky only one person was hurt based off just how many fire works can be seen flying back and forth in the video.  

It’s unclear exactly how many people were involved in this incident but from watching the video it would appear that it was well over 5 different people running around shooting fireworks at each other. 

You can see the video below, slight word of caution the it does contain some swearing.  

It goes without saying but this is all incredibly dangerous and never do this with your own friends. 

Source: CP24

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