This winter has just been a complete rollercoaster. One week it’s freezing cold and it feels like you’re going to get frostbite every time you go outside. The next week it feels warmer and then just when you begin think Spring is actually going to start, it gets super cold again.

And now there’s even worse news for anyone living in Southern Ontario. There’s apparently going to be an ice storm starting this week according to Environment Canada.  

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This just feels wrong on so many levels, mostly because IT’S APRIL AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE COULD IT JUST STOP BEING SO DAMN COLD ALL THE TIME!!???

But if this is going to actually happen then we may as well all just accept it and try our best to deal with it. Hopefully it’s the last gasp of winter for the year.

So, when exactly is this supposed to start?  

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Southern Ontario is supposed to get some freezing rain tomorrow morning but that won’t last, the real show is set for this weekend.

On the weekend it looks much much worse. The weather will start as rain but as the temperature drops throughout both Saturday and Sunday that will turn into freezing rain with the very real possibility that it all freezes causing an ice storm.  

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Areas closer to Lake Ontario and near the Highway 401 will probably stay above freezing though and may not have to deal with an ice storm as a result, so if you live in one of those regions then you’re lucky it seems.

It should be pointed out again though that IT IS APRIL WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!!!! 

Source: Environment Canada

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