While some would assume that living in Toronto means dealing with less wildlife they are totally mistaken. In fact, due to the city's large amount of greenery and epic lakefront, there are numerous critters to see even in the downtown core. 

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One animal that Torontonians constantly see and deal with are raccoons. These little bandits may be cute but most city dwellers know that while raccoons aren't going to necessarily hurt you, they do like to pick through your garbage and make a mess of your property. 

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In fact, during the summer of 2017, five raccoons actually broke into the home of a local news anchor by ripping open the screens in the windows. Known as "trash pandas," the local pest even forced the city to design a raccoon proof green-bin with an animal-resistant latch. 

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While Toronto's raccoon problem doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, locals have started to relish in the fact that we have a major mascot that represents our city so well.

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Considering Torontonians even honoured a raccoon that was roadkill, here are 18 photos and videos that prove that our midnight bandit is the true mascot of Toronto. 

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