The Ontario government announced their plan recently to have online sales of marijuana once it's legal and to license privately owned retail stores next year.

But two Ontario cities have expressed that they don't want any pot shops opening up in their towns. 

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The mayors of Richmond Hill and Markham, both in the GTA, have said that there will not be any legal marijuana retailers opening in their towns next year. 

Richmond Hill Mayor David Barrow says he was approached by concerned residents who had signed a petition not to have any pot shops while the Markham Mayor, Frank Scarpitti has said their council passed a motion rejecting retail locations. 

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When the Ontario government announced the new model for legal marijuana sales, they also announced that municipal governments across the province would be consulted and have a one-time chance to opt-out of having legal retail locations in their cities and towns. 

While the date for stores to open up has been announced as April 2019, the government has not said anything about when the deadline for municipalities to opt-out by will be. 

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Marijuana legalization, taking place on October 17, occurs right at the same time as elections in many municipalities in the GTA including Richmond Hill and Markham, meaning the issue of retail locations will become a big election issue. 

Source: CTV

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