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The Toronto Star published a list of the 10 intersections across the city that saw the most collisions between 2009 and 2013 and some are more surprising than others.

According to the report, the following intersections, including several that fall outside the lines of the downtown core, were found to have the highest collision rates based on the total number of crashes over five years compared to the volume of cars on an average week day. Essentially, the calculation comes from the rate of crashes per 1,000 cars passing through.

1. Lake Shore & Lower Jarvis

2. Lake Shore & Don Roadway

3. Ellesmere & Bellamy

4. Lawrence & Midland

5. St Clair & Old Weston

6. Sheppard & Morningside

7. Weston & Lawrence

8.Ellesmere & Morningside

9. Islington & Albion

10.Lake Shore & Spadina

There are several factors that could lead to the high number of crashes at these areas, including heavy traffic coming from both directions, strange turning or lane-changing maneuvers, distracted driving, or you know, terrible drivers.

From personal experience, we can infer that Lake Shore & Spadina crashes happen because people do not understand how two lanes are expected to merge into one access to the Gardiner. Lake Shore & Lower Jarvis topping the list can likely be chalked up to distracting homeless people with signs.

Mike Brady, Toronto’s manager of traffic safety projects, explained his theory to The Star and put the blame of the high numbers on " relatively high volume, a large number of approach lines either in two directions or in all directions, and in some cases [...]  complex turning maneuvers," but we're sticking with shitty driving.

Are you surprised by any of these intersections making the list? Are there any absent that surprise you? Let me know on Twitter @TaylorOliviaMc!

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