It’s Friday which means that if you don’t have work today or are looking for something to do after work you may be thinking about the beach.

Well, unfortunately almost half of the beaches in Toronto are closed for swimming today.

There are a few that are open but you may need to travel farther to get to one. 

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This is mainly due to the massive rainstorm that happened earlier this week, causing high levels of bacteria and a lot of garbage to be swept out into the lake.

Right now, of the 11 beaches in Toronto, only 6 of them are open.

Many of them are in the east end of the city so if you’re living or working in the north or west side of the city you’re out of luck for something convenient. 

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The beaches currently open and safe to swim at include: 

  • Kew Balmy Beach
  • J Bluffer's Beach
  • Woodbine Beach
  • Park K Rouge Beach 
  • Hanlan’s point
  • Gibraltar Point Beach

The only ones that aren’t in the east end of the city that are open for swimming right now, are on the Toronto Islands, which means if you’ll need to really plan in advance if you want to get to them.

Those beaches are Hanlan’s point and Gibraltar Point Beach. 

Every single other beach in the city is closed for swimming due to the high bacteria count caused by the storm. 

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Those beaches you should avoid include:

  • Centre Island Beach
  • Ward's Island Beach
  • Cherry Beach
  • Marie Curtis Park East Beach
  • Sunnyside Beach

So if you’re looking for a dip in the lake to end the work week you may have to plan more than usual.  



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