Toronto has experienced quite a violent year during 2018 and it seems like it's a trend that is continuing. Just over the recent Labour Day long weekend, five people were killed and three injured due to gun violence. 

Stories have been reported all summer about the influx of violence associated with guns over the summer, so much so that Toronto's city council requested the federal government ban handguns completely which the Prime Minister is now investigating

Obviously, a rise in the city's shootings has kept the Toronto Police busy investigating numerous cases. The police have recently released security footage of a drive-by shooting that happened August when a porch full of people was shot at. 

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The footage starts by showing a white Nissan Micra in the Campbell and Wallace Avenue area in Toronto's Bloordale Village. Police are looking to identify the person driving the Micra and asking anyone who has information or dashcam footage to speak to them. 

Around 2:25 in the police video the footage swaps to security footage of a front porch. The remainder of the video shows the white Nissan pulling up to a nearby home and shooting towards a porch full of people. 

Via Toronto Police Service l YouTube

There were no injuries reported after the shooting but the footage allows you to hear a woman scream and cry after the drive-by. 

The video was issued alongside a press release today hoping that those with more information but have yet to speak to the police could contact them at 416-808-1100. 

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