Two local celebrities have been taken into police custody in Toronto due to multiple charges. The brothers, plus two other men, were involved in a police chase last month where shots were fired out in broad daylight. 

Rappers and brothers, Sharrieff and Kareemallah Muhammad, are known online as Casper TNG and K Money for their music. Their music can be found all over Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music, with views going into millions on some of their songs. 

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The two brothers were seen in a car with two other men trying to hide their identities on May 30 around Regent Park in Toronto. After shooting a gun towards the crowd of traffic and pedestrians undercover cops intervened, which led to a police chase in broad daylight. No one was injured as the result of the gunshot. 

The police cut off the car, and they were able to box it in between police vehicles when the driver reversed and rammed into the cop car. The driver then drove into onward coming traffic, hitting an officer, not causing serious injury. 

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After they proceeded to run a red light and hit a taxi, then turning right only to collide with another taxi before mounting the sidewalk trying to get away from police. The driver lost control of the vehicle making a left turn and finally collided with garbage cans. 

The four men tried to get away on foot but were apprehended by the police, who found two firearms in the vehicle.  The two other men involved were Harlem Baldwin and Shakiem Anderson, bringing the total charges between the four accused up to nearly one hundred.

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 Kareemallah or K Money was also brought in during March of this year on charges around sexual assault and forcible confinement in an alleged incident with a fan who was 17 years old. He was also charged in 2017 with drug trafficking. 

The podcast We Love HipHop says that there is "major buzz" around the music that these brothers are creating. They said that people around the city were engaging with their music, plus the rappers were booking club shows and sending out demos to radio stations. 

Source: CBC

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