For the third day in a row, a TTC subway service suspension at the height of morning rush hour has caused thousands of Toronto commuters to line up for shuttle buses. Today's delay was caused by an injury at track level, which forced a service shut down between St. George and Ossington Stations at just after 8:30 AM.

All passengers were forced to exit the trains and queue up for replacement buses at street level. Platforms that were already completely jammed began to fill up even more as transit riders had nowhere else to go. It was certainly chaotic, and many were understandably frustrated. It is, after all, the third consecutive day that a service suspension has forced closures on the Bloor-Danforth line.

On Monday, a service suspension on Line 1 was followed shortly by another on Line 2, between St. George and Woodbine. Police were responding to a suspicious incident at Broadview Station, which turned out to be an unmarked package that was later deemed safe. On Tuesday, Broadview Station was shut down again by police due to yet another suspicious package sighting. One suspect was arrested in connection to the package.

Today's injury at track level is suspected to be an attempted suicide. Despite the serious nature of the closure, many commuters were disappointed at having their travel delayed once again, especially during rush hour. And those delays really do bring out the worst in people. 

But hey, at least our ride-share services are reliable. Sometimes.

On second thought, maybe the good old fashioned taxi is the way to go.

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