Photo cred - David Lopera

A 20-year-old Spanish Artist by the name of David Lopera has set the internet ablaze with photos of your favourite female celebrities photoshopped to look much bigger than they are.

The set of photoshopped photos include Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea and Katy Perry among many others. He told the daily mail that "these women look much better when they're overweight,' adding that he prefers Elsa, from the new Disney classic, Frozen, when she is a fat princess because 'that's a real woman right there". We are going to jump over the fact that he enjoys an animated Disney princess at all.

The artist's intent seems to have been to reverse the type of photoshop that we are used to seeing, cinched waists, trimmed thighs, longer necks, and bigger breasts, in an effort to empower women. We can't help but feel that this still is not a win for the size acceptance movement. Making these women so much bigger than they are seems wrong, just in a different way.

Lopera says he often receives requests from people to alter the bodies of their favourite celebrities to be just a tad thicker. Manipulating the shape of a woman's body, or any body for that matter, is still moving in the wrong direction of acceptance and that seems equally as wrong as making someone look thinner. We respect Lopera for moving away from the medias ideal of body expectations but we want to see women and men just as they are, no bigger and no smaller.

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