After it was announced that cannabis would be legal in Canada on October 17th of this year, many companies have been quickly making plans for incorporating legal pot into their businesses. It's even inspired one Canadian to write a movie about the whole process. 

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Well, now one Canadian cannabis company, which produces medical products, has just purchased a soccer facility in Stoney Creek, Ontario for precisely that purpose. Green Relief Inc's new project has a commitment for $9 million to renovate the space into a gigantic new production facility. 

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The news broke on Friday that the sale of Players Paradise, a 100,000 sq. ft. sorting facility was purchased by a cannabis grower and the clubs using the facility had 30 days to relocate. Green Relief released their own press release on Sunday, August 27 that confirmed their purchase of the facility. 

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The company committed $9 million to make sure the building is up to the Health Canada codes for cannabis manufacturing in Ontario. They're planning on committing to only local engineers and construction workers to transition the current sports complex this fall. 

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Not only is the cannabis company committed to supporting the community by only using local workers, they're also committed to those affected by homelessness in Hamilton area. 

Their statement read, "this acquisition enables us to provide roughly 30,000 healthy, organic meals to local homeless shelters each year." Their company already gives back to shelters operating in the GTA. 

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Keep your eyes peeled for the hiring fair that Green Relief will be hosting in the upcoming months! If you're interested in cannabis agriculture, there are going to be 100 positions available starting at a livable wage. 

While it's sad that the sporting facility is closing after 9 years of operating, this next step for the cannabis economy is an exciting change. 

Source: CBC 

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