Earlier this week Doug Ford made an announcement that changed the way cannabis sales would be operating in Ontario. 

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After throwing out the Liberal plan of LCBO-style stores, the Conservative government opted to sell cannabis through the private businesses that are interested. They will be stocked from the Ontario Cannabis Store, which will be the only legal seller of cannabis in the province. 

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The idea of private stores isn't anything new considering the dispensaries that have popped up across Ontario, but one new contender considering selling cannabis is quite surprising!

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Second Cup Coffee has announced that they're teaming up with National Access Cannabis and now they're currently looking at their stores across the province to convert into dispensaries. 

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CP24 has reported that previously the company was thinking of shifting to Western Canada before the Ford government made the switch to private shops. 

Switching over to cannabis from coffee is a big deal and while the company has confirmed they're working together, it's unclear if there would be cannabis-caffeine collaborations. Whether that would be considered an eatable or not, is also still unclear. 

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Obviously, these operations are very serious. Considering how strict the rules are, these changes with Second Cup are only going to be confirmed once their licensing goes through the provincial application, but the Ontario coffee chain is making their best effort. 

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The company does have plans to move towards other provinces also. Currently, Second Cup has over 130 shops across the province that it plans on using to make waves in the cannabis industry, but next, they're looking to Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta. 

No matter what, it's exciting to see Canadian brands get excited about pursuing new opportunities in legal cannabis. 

Source: CP24


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