While many Torontonians depend on the TTC to get them around the city every day, it doesn't mean that it's always easy. From slow moving traffic to delayed subway trains, getting from point A to point B in Ontario's capital can be difficult. 

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Now, Toronto is in the middle of an election race to see who will become the next mayor. One of the candidates in the running and previous Chief Planner of Toronto, Jennifer Keesmaat, just revealed her plan for updating (and improving) the transit system if elected the next mayor of the city. 

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Via Jennifer Keesmaat

Keesmaat's proposed plan for the TTC would provide enhanced bus service, streetcar lines and even a relief line for the subway to get people moving. The controversial King Street pilot is something that would stay if Keesmaat was elected mayor this fall. 

The focus of Keesmaat's plan lies in seven major areas, with a primary focus on a downtown relief line. Her plan would also extend the Eglinton LRT line to Pearson Airport and adding bus service to lines that are backed up currently. 

The mayoral candidate's transit plan announcement also took shots at Toronto's current mayor, John Tory, who Keesmaat previously worked for.

Tory won the mayoral race back in 2014 running on a transit plan called "SmartTrack" that promised Torontonians 22 new stations. Currently, Toronto will get six of those promised stations. 

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