Photo cred - Toronto Life

If you ever needed motivation to make lots of money and buy property, this loft is it. With its funky design and creative use of space, it's the ultimate place to host a party (except you'd never let anyone into this place for fear they'd break everything). There's a freakin' airplane wing between the master bedroom and the living room. Why? Why not?

There's also a secret office behind a fake wall in one of the closets, and another secret Moroccan-themed room off the reading nook (yes, there's a reading nook) on the second floor that's perfect for curling up with a book in. Sure the loft is selling for a cool $2 million, but what's life without aspiration?

Just imagine you lived here.

Step into my dining room, and we'll enjoy a meal on my fish-scale table.

Oh, that? That's just my organ-pipe-inspired spice rack.

The "E" is for "Epic."

Source - Toronto Life

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