Ontarians, brace yourselves. Because a 250km/hour train is coming in real hot to the province.

In a news release published this afternoon, the Ontario provincial government announced that it is moving ahead with plans for a high-speed rail system that will eventually bridge the Toronto-Windsor corridor.

Noting that this new historic project would "cut travel times by half in [the] Toronto-Windsor Corridor", the news release stated that Premier Kathleen Wynne announced this monumental step in provincial transit in a speech earlier today to the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

And to speed up the process on this speedy train, an advisory board has been assigned to the project. The HSR (High Speed Rail) Advisory Board will be working closely with stakeholders, members of the private sector, and Indigenous communities to gauge how this system should be implemented. Also a part of the committee are bright minds from the tech and innovation sectors who will be consulted throughout the process.

Traveling at a minimum of 250km/hour, these trains could make a trip from Toronto to Windsor in just over two hours, which is nearly half of the travel time on the current rail system.

But beyond cutting travel times, this new rail system will help to bridge the economic and job markets of these two major cities, as well as limit carbon emissions exponentially.

Potentially accommodating the near 7 million people that live along the Toronto-Windsor corrdior, the Ontario news release listed these cities as proposed stops on the new high speed train: Windsor, Chatham, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Toronto Union Station. Passengers who stop at Toronto Union Station will also be able to connect to Toronto Pearson Airport.

According to the newly-created Government of Ontario website created to inform citizens about the HSR system, the rail from Toronto to London will be complete by 2025, and from Toronto to Windsor by as early as 2031. For the sake of all students and commuters who travel along the Toronto-Windsor corridor, we really hope the project is complete sooner!

Source: Government of Ontario

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