Photo cred - New|Photography

If you've ever wondered how Torontonian men would fare in the Sex Durability Olympics, Pornhub Insights has got you covered, like always. The website has released a new infographic detailing just how long the average user spends on each of their videos, to figure out which countries and which cities last the longest.

So, how does Canada rate? Our grouping is third from the bottom, lasting between 9:00 and 10:60. The Western Sahara is at the very top, lasting an impressive 16 minutes and 16 seconds on average, and Palestine, Iraq and Antarctica bring in the rear, each lasting about 5 minutes.

The question still remains: how's Toronto compared to other cities? The answer isn't as exciting as you might imagine. Toronto comes in at 9 minutes and 50 seconds, beating Quebec City by 23 seconds. Edmontonians beat us all though, coming in at 10:27.


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