Being a contestant on the Bachelor seems like a pretty easy gig. You get to stay in a mansion, drink wine, and cause trouble for ratings. But when you consider the sacrifices that the contestants make for their time on the show, it's definitely not without its disadvantages. A recent report by GoBankingRates investigated just how much being a contestant will cost you.

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The first thing to consider is that contestants on the Bachelorette don't earn any income from the show, other than the occasional gift bag. Other costs arise when you consider that these women have to put their jobs on hold for 6-10 weeks of filming. According to the report, Harris remortgaged her house in order to deal with her debt following her stint on The Bachelor. 

Surprisingly, The Bachelor has no budget for wardrobe, meaning that all of the clothes worn on the show are bought by the contestants. Because there's so much pressure to look good for the cameras, these women can end up dropping some serious cash on on their outfits alone. According the report, Jillian Harris spent $8,000 on her wardrobe, while Olivia Caridi is thought to have spent more than $40,000, and neither ladies ended up going home with a ring.

Apart from wardrobe, the women also have to maintain appearances with hair, makeup, gym memberships, and any other cosmetic enhancements they feel are necessary to become "TV-ready."

All in all, being a contestant on the Bachelor is definitely a risk. All contestants can hope for is to end up with a ring - or at least a couple hundred thousand Instagram followers.

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