In Ontario, there are a number of jobs that are in the public sector. This means the organizations they work are funded by the Ontario Government. These jobs include everything from nurses and doctors to teachers and university professors. 

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Working in the public sector can have its drawbacks. For example, changing governments can make cuts and rollbacks whenever they like, meaning your job security is always at the mercy of their decisions. It can also have its perks, though. In this case, it's $16 billion worth of perks. 

Since the Ontario Government funds these public sector organizations, that essentially means they are paying the employees' salaries. As a government funded by taxpayers, it's their duty to disclose how much money is going out every year. That's where the annual sunshine list comes in. 

Each year, Ontario releases a sunshine list of all public sector employees who are paid at least in part by the government and earn over $100,000 per year.  Last year alone, 131,741 public sector employees made the list. The total amount they earned was an astronomical $16,812,900,448.61. 

According to Global News, Justin Trudeau was making roughly $345,000 in April 2017. Shockingly, that number is way below what some of Ontario's highest paid public sector workers are making right now. 

The most interesting thing about the sunshine list is that the government has to disclose by name how much the top earners are making. To give you an idea of where all the money is going, these are some of the highest paid Ontario public sector employees.

1. Jeffery Lyash, Ontario Power Generation

Out of all the public sector employees in Ontario, Jeffery Lyash is the highest paid. As the President and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, he earns $1,554,456.95/year. 

2. Darren Smith, University of Toronto

Darren Smith comes in second with his job as President and CEO of the University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation. He earns $936,089.48/year.

3. Glenn Jager, Ontario Power Generation

Also at Ontario Power Generation, Glenn Jager earns his spot on the list by making $858,445.43/year as the Nuclear President and Chief Nuclear Officer at OPG. 

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4. Bruce Campbell, Independent Electricity System Operator 

Bruce Campbell is the President and CEO of the Independent Electricity System Operator, a crown corporation to controls Ontario's power flow. He earns $749,862.59/year. 

5. Mark Fuller, Ontario Public Service Pension Board

As the President and CEO of the Ontario Public Service Pension Board, Mark Fuller joins the sunshine list, making $745,211.84/year. 

6. Scott Martin, Ontario Power Generation

Another OPG employee, Scott Martin is the Vice President of Business and Administration Services. He earns $739,854.78/year.

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7. William Reichman, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

William Reichman is the highest earning in the medical field in Ontario. As the President and CEO of the Baycrest Centre, he earns $722,875.00/year.

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8. Jill Pepall, Ontario Public Sector Pension Board

The first female on the list, Jill Pepall also works for the Ontario Pension Board. There she earns $721,224.22/year as the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer. 

9. Michael Apkon, The Hospital For Sick Children

Representing yet another medical professional on the list, Michael Apkon is the President and CEO of The Hospital for Sick Children. There he earns  $719,694.40/year.

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10. Peter Pisters, University Health Network

As the President and CEO of the University Health Network, Peter Pisters has landed on the sunshine list making $718,300.56/year. 

11. David Pichora, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Yet another health professional, David Pichora, makes it near the top of the list. As the President and CEO of the Kingston Health Sciences Centre, he earns $715,034.64/year. 

12. Maureen Jensen, Ontario Securities Commission

The second female on this list, Maureen Jensen is the Chair and CEO of the Ontario Securities Commission. She earns $708,963.41/year.

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13. David Samuel Hillier, Shepherd Village Inc.

David Samuel Hillier earns his spot on the list as the President and CEO of Shepherd Village, a Christian senior care facility and housing community. He earns $705,423.52/year. 

14. Barry Mclellan, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

The final health care professional in the Top 15 earners is Barry Mclellan. As the President and CEO of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, he earns $704,657.15/year. 

15. Ozhand Ganjavi, Laurentian University

The final public sector on this Top 15 list isn't a CEO but is actually a professor at Laurentian University. He teaches Finance and Operations and earns $686,760.63/year. 

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It isn't at all surprising that almost all the top earner's on Ontario's Public Sector sunshine list are Presidents and CEO of the different hospitals, power companies, and other crown corporations. What is interesting is that one company seems to have more top higher earners than others. 

If you're looking to get to the top of the sunshine list, Ontario Power Generation seems to be the place to be. The OPG is the main clean energy producer in Ontario and clearly, it produces not just power but also high earners. Three OPG employees earned spots in the Top 15.

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Other jobs on the sunshine list include police officers, teachers, doctors, and firefighters. Meanwhile, the lowest earner on the list, making $100,000 is W. Iain Scott, a dean at Western University. 

Source: Sunshine List Stats

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