As a milennial, it can seem like getting married later in life is becoming the norm. Yet according to a scientific formula, our clocks might actually ticking much faster than we thought.

The 37% rule is the theory that we need to go through a range of options in a limited time frame. Those options can have to do with prospective dates, apartments, jobs, etc. The rule is essentially that the best time to make that decision is when you've looked at 37% of the options available. This is ensures that you've looked at enough options to have a good idea of what's out there without having wasted too much time searching.

According to this rule, when it comes to evaluating potential life partners, that golden age is 26. Based on the assumption that most people are looking for love from age 18 to age 40, a 26 year old has seen enough of human nature to understand human nature. Before 26, you might miss out on good options that will present themselves later on. After 26, those options begin to diminish, meaning you might be more likely to have to settle.

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