Kylie Jenner is the queen of selfies. Yes her sister, Kim Kardashian may have released a book about them, but Kylie perfected the art of the selfie. Don't lie you know you've been doing the Kylie 'fingermouthing' selfie lately. Not sure what we're talking about? Take a look:

via @kimkardashian

But what if we told you there's even more we can learn from King Kylie when it comes to perhaps her "magic" filter that will make your selfies that much more on point.

Well all it takes is the 'red filter' to take your pics from stunning to flawless. The red filter isn't even really a filter per say, at least not one of the usual ones. To get this filter, go to 'edit', then click 'colour' and then put the red overlay on your selfies. Viola! Makeup artist to the stars Patrick Ta says the colouring of this filter enhances your features and makeup without making you look edited. Win/Win!

And Kylie isn't the only one that uses it:

via @patrickta

via @patrickta

via @patrickta

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