Ever since she first popped up in the NSFW Blurred Lines video, model/actress/hot person has become a bonafide Instagram celebrity. Her sultry bikini shots have made her insane physique a hot topic among men and women alike.

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For those of us who are dying to know what we can do to get her insane abs, we're in luck. Ratajkowski recently sat down with Harper's Bazaar to fill them in on her diet and fitness routine.

Breakfast: Ratajkowski says that she starts each day with a coffee and a pastry called kouign-amann, which is pretty much like a bready cake.

Lunch: "Lunch is usually a salad or a sandwich," said Ratajkowski.

via @emrata

Dinner: Ratajkowski admits to loving meat. "I crave iron so I am definitely not the kind of person who you will often find eating a plain salad," she said. "I like to keep it really balanced to give my body energy and also be healthy."

Exercise: Ratajkowski explained that she struggles to fit exercise into her busy schedule, so she saves it for days off. "...Maybe a hike or a yoga class," she said.

Skincare: The model credited sleep and water as the keys to her flawless complexion.

via @emrata

So there you have it! Anyone else thinks she's lying? Like, sorry but a pastry a day does not give you those abs, hon.

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