On Wednesday morning, a heart was found in a Ryerson garbage can, and a media uproar ensued.

The heart was initially thought to be too large to be human, but the police took the organ to a forensic pathology lab to be tested.  A police investigation followed, with the media watching and covering every detail.

Until a student realized, 'oops, my bad.'

Second-year Ryerson photography student Joel Andrew Clifton received a call from a friend at school who asked, ‘Is that your heart they found?’

Clifton went online to realize his project had initiated a campus-wide panic that included parts of the school blocked off with caution tape.

He told investigators he would show them his receipts for the pigs heart he had purchased at a Chinatown grocery store at the corner of Dundas and Spadina. In an interview with The Eyeopener, he said that "shooting these kinds of things isn’t unusual," and that he has seen people bring in dead animals before.

Clifton's photos are on display today, at the Black Cat Gallery at 2186 Dundas Street West.

Photo by Joel Andrew Clifton via The Eyeopener


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