It's a known fact that most university students are perpetually broke, but one university student crossed the line when it came to needing extra cash. 

A 24-year-old Kingston, Ontario university student has been charged with public mischief after telling his parents that he was being held hostage so that they could send him money under false pretenses. 

Via CBCAlerts

The student's parents contacted the police after receiving a text message demanding a large sum of money for their son's release. The police searched for the student unable to find him before locating him at a local hotel. 

This is not the first time a university student has faked their own kidnapping. In 2013 an American student from Georgia faked his own kidnapping after being too scared to tell his parents about a failing grade. And in May a Halifax student was forced to fake her kidnapping after being extorted over the internet. 

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After being arrested the student was released on the condition that he would appear in court. 

Source: CBC News 

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