The #TimesUp campaign has resulted in a ton of scandals, but Canadians are at a crossroads on whether this London pub's take on the issues facing today's woman was a good move or not. The pub in question is The Morrissey House, a spot where you can grab homey pub food and drinks in London, Ontario. 

In light of the ever-growing conversation about woman in both society and the work place, the pub decided to take a stand on how women only make 87 cents for every dollar made by men. Their idea was to offer a 13% discount to all woman to ate and drank at their pub on Mondays. They took to Instagram with this post to push forward their campaign:

@themorrisseyhouseembedded via

While the clever marketing idea that also put forth a great message was appreciated by many, not everybody was happy about the idea. The concept met some considerable backlash in the comments of the photo claiming "you cannot fight discrimination with discrimination." The pub noted to news outlets who asked for comment that one man claimed he would file a human rights complaint against them. 

Luckily the vast majority support the pub's efforts and many have taken to Twitter to voice their support for The Morrissey House:

Via @meggiewalk

Via @NeedlesOnNew

There is even more good news on top of the great campaign considering  The Morrisey House has decided to donate some of the money from their Monday sales to local women's shelters. 

Source: Buzzfeed Canada 

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