Living in Canada, it can feel like Hollywood is sometimes exceptionally far away from the reality of the great white north. The sunny streets of Los Angeles may feel distant, but in reality, many major blockbuster films and series are being shot back in Canada. In fact, our country was recently named the top film destination for U.S. movie productions.

One popular company currently filming is Netflix and this time it's not just for Riverdale. Instead, the streaming company is working on a new horror series out in Ontario and the plot line sounds amazing. 

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Their newest project is called October Faction and is based on the comic books of the same name. The storyline follows the life of Frederick Allan and his family including his estranged wife Delores and two teenage children Geoff and Vivian. The twist is that Frederick is actually a retired monster hunter who is desperately trying to let go of the past meanwhile his kids think it is their turn to step up into the family business.

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The comics were created by Damien Worm and Steve Niles, who are both well known four their work in horror comics. Niles is one of the listed producers for the Netflix adaptation that is rumoured to be a mix of SupernaturalBuffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Addams Family

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Netflix announced they were adding the series back on September 28th, but shooting was already underway in both Cambridge and Hamilton Ontario. A large group of actors were seen at Mountview Cemetary when shooting in Cambridge, while The James Street Bookseller in Hamilton shared on social media that there was shooting at their location. 

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While the cast is under wraps still there is one confirmed actor working on the series and you may recognize her for being a Canadian icon! 

Megan Follows, who is known for playing the legendary role of Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables, is not a director on the show, she's also going to be starring in it. Follows was actually born in Toronto and has been seen on tons of series since playing Anne back in the day, like Law & Order, CSI, Heartlandand Murdoch Mysteries. 

While it's not confirmed who her role is, we think Follows would make an exceptional Delores Allan! 

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According to a post on Facebook from Lindsay Little Theatre in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, one of their actors Anwen O’Driscoll has also been filming the series. You may recognize O'Driscoll from other TV series like Burden of Truth Emerald Code, or Life with Boys

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From the looks of O'Dirscoll's social media accounts, the actor has been spending a lot more time in Toronto lately. This would totally make sense if she's working on the show and perhaps portraying the Allan's daughter, Vivian? 

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While October Faction won't be available on Netflix until 2019, we can't wait to see how the plot shapes up. Considering that other hit Netflix shows like Black MirrorStranger Thingsand Altered Carbon have been so popular, we don't doubt that October Faction will be any different.

According to the City of Toronto website, the show will be filming until December 11th. Torontonians should keep their eyes peeled, you never know when you could stumble onto the newest Netflix set in the city.

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