In the months ahead, Toronto is preparing to begin construction for even more high-rise residential buildings and mixed-use buildings that will transform the cityscape in coming years. Of the countless new developments coming to the city, the hottest and most exciting much more green than you might expect. 

One of the most insane, exciting and unique additions coming to the Toronto skyline looks like it will spring from the grass itself. Perfectly summed up in its name, the Toronto Tree Tower is a new development coming to the city. 

Consistent with a new trend developing in Toronto that aims to incorporate greenery and natural elements into massive high-rise architecture, this new residential space is framed with timber (rather than traditional concrete, steel or glass) and overflows with greenery.

This 18-storey-high massive "tree house" tower will be 62 metres tall and the modular structure will be constructed out of laminated Canadian timber. Wood will also be used to frame the building's staggered walls, while trees and greenery will be grown from the large balconies accompanying each unit.

This massive project will include a ton of residential space as well as public areas that will hold a cafe, a children's daycare centre, and community workshops.

The company responsible for the Toronto Tree Tower project is well-known for incorporating natural elements into urban architecture, adding softness to what can otherwise be a concrete coldness generally associated with the city. 


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