We all dream of winning the lottery right? The idea of suddenly being showered with more money than we’ve ever had and not having to work again would be a dream come true.

Unfortunately for 99.9 per cent of us all that happens when we scan any tickets we do buy is we’re told we aren’t winners. 

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One man from Hamilton won big in the lottery not once but twice, and just days apart.


Aloysius Power won 2 lottery tickets in just 2 weeks this month.

First he won $100,000 dollars on an Instant Bingo Doubler ticket, which normally would be enough for anyone, as we all know once you’ve won the lottery once you’re extremely unlikely to ever do it again. 

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But Power he says that he made a spur of the moment decision just a few days later to buy a Poker Lotto All In ticket.

And he somehow got lucky again, this time cashing in $133,790.40 on the jackpot prize, as well as $5,000 on the instant portion of the ticket giving him a total of $138,790.40 in prize money for the ticket. 

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Power is a 57-year-old hazardous materials cleaner, who is now over $200,000 richer because of his recent winning streak. 

He says that he and his wife are now planning a Caribbean Cruise and putting the rest of the money aside for each of their future retirement. 

Source: Global News

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