There have been a number of problems with post-secondary education in 2017-2018, including strikes at York University and across provincial colleges this past fall. 

Well after a review, The University of Guelph has decided to give back to the full-time female faculty after they found out they were getting paid less than their male counterparts. After looking at the numbers in a review launched last year, they decided that all faculty that is female or non-male will get a wage increase of $2050. 

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The raise was implemented as of June 1, though teachers were only notified as of today about the change. The provost and vice-president of the school, Charlotte Yates, says she's excited to make the correction and that it's extremely important that people doing the same job be compensated equally. 

Yates also commented on the inequities this proves even at a school that is so dedicated to equality. "It's not necessarily done intentionally, but it creeps in and is cumulative over time," Yates said. "It's important we take stock, which is what we were doing with this salary review."

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This is not the first time that Canadian schools have increased wage due to an inequality in the sexes. In 2013 the University of British Columbia's female faculty were given a two per cent raise and the University of Waterloo gave a $2,905 salary adjustment to all of the female faculty in 2016. 

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Yates says that the University is also looking at the representation of women in senior leadership roles. Next, she wants to tackle inequity within race and disability within faculty members, something that this review did not receive much data on but Yates is working on currently. 

It's nice to see that an institution is focused on creating a learning environment that is inclusive of everyone. 

Source: CP24

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