Today on Reddit, user bialhouri posted a 47-year-old photo of Nathan Phillips Square. Apparently taken in the summer of 1970, the photo shows crowds of people climbing the square's famous arches, with others playing in the water below. 

Many Reddit users took to the comments to debate what event had the Toronto crowds so excited. 

"I believe this is actually a photo from July 23rd, 1967, when Jefferson Airplane played a free show in Nathan Phillips Square. It was promo for one week residence they were to play with the Grateful Dead at the O'Keefe Centre (now the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts). 20,000 people showed up!" said user vietnambient

However, according to the Toronto Reference Library, the photo was taken during a free concert given by the rock band Lighthouse in 1970. 

Who else wishes security was still this relaxed? 

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