Toronto was recently named the "Raccoon Capital Of The World" and we are not surprised. This animal is pretty much Toronto's mascot, and there are supposedly over 100,000 raccoons in the city. 

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A Toronto woman had an up and close encounter and the story is absolutely wild. It totally proves just how savage but also adorable these furry creatures can be. She even documented the whole thing on Reddit for our viewing pleasure. 

Via Reddit User Aphra2

Reddit user aphra2 posted on the platform her story of a raccoon breaking into her house with photos for proof. But not only was the raccoon guilty of breaking and entering, but it also ate all of the Redditor's bread in their house. 

User aphra2 wrote in this Reddit post, "This adorable a**hole tore through my screen and broke into my kitchen last night. He ate all my bread and I couldn’t find any wildlife control places that were open in the middle of the night. Just in case this happens again, can anyone suggest a 24/7 wildlife removal place". She also accompanied the caption with an adorable picture of the animal staring right at him. 

@raccoonsoftorontoembedded via  

It took a while for the raccoon to leave her house. User aphra2 commented on the post afterward and said, "I should add that he’s gone now. After 35 mins of standing in the corner yelling at him with a broom, I convinced him and his friends to leave. This is more of a “they scratched on the window all night to get back in, so now I’m worried it’ll happen again” sort of thing." 

Tons of people have reacted in the comments, and the post has gotten over 400 upvotes since being posted 11 hours ago. Check some of the best and most hilarious reactions below: 

On a more serious note, other Reddit users gave suggestions on what to do if a raccoon ever enters your house – you know, cause based on this and other people's comments, it obviously has happened multiple times before in Toronto and cleaning up the mess is no joke. But thankfully, Reddit users came to the rescue and pulled through with their tips. 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Guess there's a reason why raccoons are nicknamed the "masked bandit". Who knows what savage move the raccoons of Toronto will do next? 

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